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Nepali Movie – Nishana | 2010 | Full Nepali Movie – Watch Online

Source 1: Youtube Video (Single Part-Full Movie)

Starring: Nikhil Uprety, Dilip Rayamajhi, Sunil Dutta, Nandita K.C. Rejina Uprety, Jay Kishan Basnet, Ravi Dongol( Baiman) Nirmal Sharma,
Special Appearance: Rajesh Hamal .

Nishana is a Nepali Feature Film that is a Nikhil Upreti and Nihkil Shrestha production. Nishana is a romantic comedic movie which is full of laughs with its right comedic timings and heartwarming scenes which is shown by the actors – Nikhil Upreti and Dilip Rayamajhi who play the role of brothers in the movie. There are also the atypical action sequences that can be found in a Nepali movie which is also in this movie.
The action sequences are accredited to the fact that the two brothers are always trying to save the two sisters played by Sneha Sharma and Nandita K.C. who are always getting in the midst of troubles.